There’s a Clark Griswold in each of us. Whether we want to plug in the biggest and the best display, or just stand on the sidewalk and admire, just about everyone likes a spectacular holiday lights display.

Our features department is working right now to compile its annual list of visit-worthy holiday lights. (Why drive around in the dark when you can rely on a guide, right?)

Is your home a beacon of light this season? Or do you have a creative neighbor who pumps up the wattage to delight us all? Perhaps you just happen to cruise by a house that stands out.

Let us know! Jot down the address, and if you can, take a quick photo, and email your information—by Monday, Dec. 10, please—to Christy Fantz at

Help us put these wonderful light shows on the map—and on the Daily Camera’s list. The guide will publish on Friday, Dec. 14.

Then, pick an evening, grab the Camera’s guide, bundle up the family, fill a container with hot chocolate and enjoy your trip through the lights fantastic!