Like you, I have watched the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey unfold in Houston and wondered what we might do from here in Colorado to help. We recently heard from our advertising partners at Mattress Firm, who have 149 stores in Texas and about 950 employees in the Houston area alone, and many have been evacuated along with everyone else.

G’Nai Blakemore, public relations manager for Mattress Firm, works in the Houston office. She told us that Mattress Firm has pledged $1 million in products like pillows, towels and other household goods to help those who need to rebuild their lives. People can also make donations at Mattress Firm locations that will go directly to the Red Cross. “We are working with the Red Cross to donate a portion of sales from our stores across the entire nation to help the relief efforts,”

Blakemore says. “We have also created a GoFundMe campaign to help our employees. We just want to encourage people to reach out and help all people in Houston, in whatever way you can.” You can also give their GoFundMe campaign a little boost by going to

Be a hero, and help a stranger. Anything is a meaningful donation. And don’t be surprised if you sleep a little better tonight. Good deeds are like that.