In advertising, it’s a best practice to “lead with the benefits.” We can talk about the features of a product or service, but in the end, customers want to know how it makes their life better.

The same goes when we talk about our own advertising services. We’ll tell you how targeted, effective and affordable advertising with the Daily Camera is. But savvy advertisers will always want to know, “How will this help me grow my business?”

I was thrilled to hear a recent report from Hugo Brooks at Indochine Home + Garden, regarding their Daily Camera advertising results. Since 1995, Indochine has been a local source for crafts, home furnishings, garden pottery and statuary from Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Hugo was writing to his advertising consultant, Rebecca Thornberry, and said, “Our weekend ads boost business and give us a great connection to our local Boulder area market.”

For local results, go with the local experts. Our advertising team knows the ins and the outs of print and online advertising, and we have the resources to create effective marketing campaigns that get the results you want.
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