I’m pretty excited to tell you about a new way to get your daily headlines from the Camera.

We have just launched a 24/7 voice recognition news feed that you can access through your Google Home or Alexa device. Want the latest headlines? Just say, “OK Google, ask the Daily Camera what’s happening.” You can narrow down your search when you want the latest business news (say “business news”), campus events, or Buff sports. 

If you want to go a little deeper, say, “Alexa, tell me more about…” followed by your search phrase to hear a story summary.

   Go ahead, give it a try. As we accumulate more user search data, this smart technology will fine tune itself to deliver even better results.

These same Google and Amazon technologies are embedded in many devices like autos, televisions, and appliances, so the future may still hold some surprises.

I still have a hard time imagining getting my weather report from my toaster, but… we’ll see what pops up.

For now, you can get the real news in a really new way.

Pass the strawberry jam?