This is your last chance to purchase the collectible BolderBoulder book: “40 Years Bold: Oh Yes You Can!” It celebrates 40 years of the legendary BolderBoulder in a captivating book that covers the founders, the memories, the record-breaking finishes, the posters, the t-shirts, the celebrities, the spectators and much more.

This beautifully bound, 160-page book by the Camera’s sports department and BolderBoulder team is sure to entertain, inform and fascinate anyone who has ever run in the BolderBoulder­—or cheered on the crowd from the sidelines.

Buy a copy for yourself, and a running friend. When you consider that more than one million people have taken part in the race, the odds are pretty good this gift will be well received.

You can pick up your copies at the Daily Camera office, 2500 55th St., Suite 110 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, for just $10 per copy. Or order online at and we’ll mail your copies for just $15. Both prices include tax. So run on in and get a copy.