I’ve emphasized the importance of mobile marketing before, but it bears repeating. Mobile Internet usage is growing faster than desktop Internet usage ever did. The number of mobile users will surpass desktop users by 2014.

Attracting and keeping an active mobile audience pays. According to new data from DudaMobile in partnership with the Google-led GoMo initiative, one-in-five visitors to a mobile-optimized small business site leads to an immediate call to that business.

An optimized mobile website makes all the difference. Desktop sites are designed for a large screen and take a long time to load, leading to a frustrating experience for mobile users. An optimized mobile site, on the other hand, takes only 3 seconds to load, is designed to fit a small screen, and features content that is easy to read, find and click through. Users can access what they need quickly, leading to a positive association with the brand and, in many cases, immediate action (looking up a business on a map, calling, visiting and/or making a purchase).

We can implement a customized mobile-optimized site for your business, including coupons, QR codes, social media, Google maps and user reviews. Visit http://iphone4simulator.com/ to see how your site looks on a mobile phone. Then call us at 303.473.1400 and let us show you what a difference we can make for your mobile presence.