Reach. No other advertising vehicle has the reach of newspapers. Nationally, nearly 100 million adults read a newspaper on an average weekday, and more than 111 million read on an average Sunday.

Quality. Your best prospects are newspaper readers. A full 81 percent of adults with $100,000 or more income read a newspaper or visited a newspaper website in the past week, as did 83 percent of college graduates and 80 percent of those employed in professional or managerial occupations.

Focus. Newspapers allow you to target by geography, editorial environment and more.

Immediacy. Newspapers have short deadlines, allowing ads to be created and published in a matter of days.

Flexibility. Papers allow you to build an ad in any size.

Environment. The newspaper editorial environment adds credibility and legitimacy to the brand being advertised. To readers, the ads are every bit as important as the news.

Value. Consumers use newspapers more than any other medium for shopping/advertising information.

Results. Newspaper advertising works. It creates traffic, moves merchandise and establishes brands. In a world of thousands of messages a day, advertising in newspapers is a sure thing when it comes to producing results.

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