In 2007, Boulder diners ordered the equivalent of $9.35 of food every second at area restaurants. People were spending $808,347 every day on someone else’s cooking. Then the bottom fell out of the economy, and consumers became reacquainted with their kitchens. They also discovered discount dining.

The restaurant industry is on the road to recovery, according to several local and national sources. However, the national appetite for bargains shows no sign of being sated. Three years ago, 48 percent of consumers bought most products on sale. Today, it’s 53 percent, according to retail market researcher NPD Group. In order to succeed in this new price-conscious paradigm, eateries will need to market themselves differently than they did in the past to drive traffic.

Weekly specials, burger nights, happy hours and other low cost offerings have been successful in bringing customers back to the table. It also helps to partner with our market’s No. 1 local media source. Of Boulder Valley aduts, 138,800 dine at sit-down restaurants every month. That’s 92 percent of the market. One ad in the Camera reaches six-of-10 local diners, and the print and online editions of the Camera reach 77 percent of these diners. Call 303.473.1400 to put us to work for your restaurant.