I realize this may not stir up the same fervor as, say, Thanksgiving. Or even National Roller Skating Month (it’s October, in case you’ve been waiting all year for an opportunity to show off your patented shoot-the-duck move).

 However, National Coupon Month is an easy occasion to celebrate. Find a coupon, redeem it and save money. It’s pretty straightforward.

 Plus, most of us are already in the coupon clipping habit: U.S. shoppers saved approximately $2.3 billion last year by using coupons, 40 percent of U.S. consumers are using coupons more now than a year ago and 92,400 Boulder/ Broomfield adults will read/ use a coupon received in either the mail or newspaper within the next year.

 Celebrate National Coupon Month and get in on the action with the Green Light coupon book. Distributed monthly inside the Camera and Enterprise and published online at all our websites, Green Light provides guaranteed delivery to nearly every home in the market for less than a penny a household.

 Reward valued customers, entice new clients, give them all the Green Light. The upcoming Green Light coupon book deadlines next Thursday, Sept. 10. Call Drew Brightbill at 303.473.1460 for more information.