Today I’d like to share more food for thought, courtesy of marketer, bestselling author and pundit Seth Godin (

Businesses can gain a competitive advantage by considering how much they can get away with.

One interpretation of that statement is to figure out how little you can do to maintain profitability. Can you get away with less service? Fewer products? Charging more for less?

The other, more effective approach is determining how much over delivery you can get away with.

Seth gives some examples: “How much can we afford to give away? How much service can we pile on top of what we’re selling without seeming like we’re out of our minds? How big a portion can we give and still stay in business? How fast can we get this order filled?”

Both methods of getting away with something can net positive results from a bottom line perspective, but it’s obvious which one will net more market buzz and loyal customers.

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