Here’s an entertaining fact: We spent more on entertainment last year ($2,728) than gas ($2,468) or clothing ($1,786). Consumers streamed and downloaded more digital entertainment in 2015 than ever before. Obviously, music, videos, games and such are pretty high priority to most people.
Entertainment fans are living online today, on laptops, tablets and their smartphones – even when they are shopping for tickets to live events. In fact, two out of three live event tickets sold last year were purchased online. Standing in line is so old school!
Our digital marketing services can help you reach these customers while they are watching TV, scrolling through web sites or catching up on their email. We’ll deliver your advertising message to active entertainment consumers of every type, across any device.
Our boosted retargeting and custom audience modeling strategies will help you connect your brand with the coveted most-likely-to-purchase crowd. Ongoing measurement of your campaigns will help you fine tune your results and gain useful insights into your very own customer base.
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