I recently met with a client who was considering pulling her advertising investment because she wasn’t getting a response from a coupon she ran in the paper. All of us here at the Camera take pride in delivering results for our advertisers. So I listened attentively. Then we looked at her ad, and I instantly understood the source of the problem.

Her coupon offer was hidden in a text-laden ad. There were no dotted lines, no bold words, no indication whatsoever of what was important in the ad. How could her target audience possibly respond to an offer they couldn’t even see? It was a losing proposition.

This client’s marketing strategy needed honing. Instead of communicating every detail in every ad, she needed to tailor her message to the appropriate audience, to make her pitch in a way her audience could both see and understand it.

The talented members of my team were happy to help her refine her strategy and repurpose her advertising messages. We’d love to help maximize your marketing dollars, too.
Free strategic honing and marketing consultation is part of the package when you work with the Camera, as are free research, market intelligence and graphic design services. We are invested in your success. Call 303.473.1400 to mastermind a plan for your business.