Do you offer legal services? Google has shared some insights regarding consumers who are seeking legal services, and how you can connect with them online.
Just about everyone (96 percent) starts their search online. Nearly two-thirds of searches start generic and non-branded. Most are looking for an attorney within 25 miles.
Seventy-four percent will visit a website to take action.
Law firm website mobile searches continue to increase, now at about one-third of all traffic.
Eighty-seven percent of the people who contact an attorney go on to hire an attorney. But get this: 72 percent say they only contact one attorney before making their decision. You really want to make a good impression if you only get one chance!
How? Here are some suggestions from Google:
• Provide multiple ways to contact your office: by phone, email or live chat.
• Include information on fees (a top concern for consumers).
• Ensure that people can reach your firm on their first call.
I’ve got a suggestion, too. Call 303.473.1400 to put our digital marketing experts to work for you. That’s just good counsel.