With more than 119 years of history, the Daily Camera is Boulder County’s reigning media leader.  And that’s never been more important than now.

Adapting to the changing needs of our market, the Camera has transformed itself from a newspaper into a multimedia news and information source that now includes print, mobile, niche publications, e-mail newsletters, multiple websites, daily blogs, social media networking and customized content to meet the specific needs of our readers and advertisers.

In print, online and beyond, no one delivers more products and more results than the Camera and dailycamera.com.

We deliver 8-of-10 local consumers and 298,408 print products every week. Our websites attract 796,800 unique online visitors and 3.7 million page views every month. We have more than 20,000 Facebook and Twitter fans and followers, a number that grows daily. Our mobile messages draw 185,914 page views every month. And we are actively involved in this community, donating $2 million of local non-profit support every year.

Your message reaches the most people in the Camera. Always has, always will.

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