I recently met with Hollie Wendling, director of online sales and marketing for Liquor Mart. Hollie is new to Liquor Mart and her position is newly created as well. Her job is to increase their online business. Matt Flood, the Camera’s vice president of interactive media, joined us.

It was a fascinating learning experience for both me and Hollie.

As much as I check in with my team, online marketing is ever evolving and our online product line seems to expand overnight. In fact, the Camera will be launching two new programs in the coming weeks, a Twitter Tracker and a daily coupon deal.

I was thrilled to learn about the new products, of course, but what was really great about the meeting was giving a long-standing customer access to Matt and his expertise. Hollie picked up several tips that she can immediately put into action to improve Liquor Mart’s social marketing and online marketing strategies.

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