According to a new com-Score survey, newspaper websites attracted 61 percent of all adult U.S. Internet users in September. A whopping 102.8 million unique visitors gave rise to nearly 4.1 billion page views during the month.

Newspaper sites led the pack of media outlets, besting big names like the Yahoo News Network (51%), MSNBC (27%) and CNN (22%).

What’s more, analysis revealed that those visiting newspaper sites were more affluent than the population at large. Newspaper sites reached 73 percent of people in households earning more than $100,000 a year.

In a world of questionable online sources, newspaper sites are a known and trusted commodity. We deliver an engaged audience that is growing across multiple platforms. and its family of websites generate 4.27 million page views from 853,689 unique visitors every month. And more than six-of-10 users are local consumers.

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