Especially right now. The kids are back in school, and with that comes academic projects and achievements, as well as plenty of extracurriculars: football games, art contests, gymnastic exhibitions and piano recitals, to name a few.

Your Camera is right there in the thick of the action, publishing the news that matters to our community’s kids and parents: prep sports pages, school lunch menus, weekly school features, calendars and listings of child-centric events, ongoing coverage of the school district and, of course, the Camera’s signature in-depth, local coverage of the community.

 57,200 Boulder Valley adults have children under 18 living at home, and they are an active group. Within the last month, 92 percent have dined at sit-down restaurants, and many have shopped for:

• Hardware/home supplies: 91%

• Office supplies: 87%

• Shoes: 85%

• Children’s clothing: 74%

• Sporting goods: 69%

• Books: 66%

• Home furnishings: 53%

If you want to reach our market’s parents, advertise in the Camera; we reach 76 percent of them every single week. If you want to celebrate the achievements of our kids, read the Camera. And please send us your children’s good news at so we can spread the word.