Do you have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for your business? It’s important, because 97 percent of consumers research a product or business online an average of eight different times before they make a purchasing decision.
They are looking at multiple places for their information, and somehow you need to show up everywhere they look. It’s a real challenge. We can help.
The Camera has several SEO packages specifically designed – and priced – for small business owners.
The Search Express plan offers an exceptional value. It includes enhanced SEO-optimized mobile and desktop directory listings. Your listing is linked to the newspaper’s website, inheriting “weight” from its page rank.
We’ll also produce one custom article per month structured around your most valuable search keywords. This content remains online and archived for the life of your contract. We have also just added a reputation management feature and power listings in Google My Business.
SEO is an ongoing process that can boost your online presence and drive relevant organic traffic to your site. Your search for a strong marketing partner is over.
Call our dedicated digital team at 303.473.1400 to learn more about our affordable SEO packages.