When one of my team members approaches you with a “can’t miss” product, I understand your hesitation. You probably just heard a similarly enthusiastic pitch from another sales person. I don’t expect you to instinctively know which claims to believe or which products are best for marketing your company, any more than you’d expect me to understand the workings of your



So let’s talk about it.


Get in touch with me (jill@dailycamera.com) or someone on my team (303.473.1400), and put the Camera under your microscope. Get your inner litigator fired up and ask the hard questions.


We’ve got answers for you. Our circulation is audited, our clients are happy and our audience is vibrant and growing. We have the market research and testimonials to prove it. And we’re not afraid of a little back-and-forth. Bring it on; ask away. Then I hope you’ll let us ask you a few questions about your business so we can help you build a solid advertising plan.