Some days I have more than enough sweat but need a little help in the creativity department.


That’s where Seth Godin comes in. He’s been called America’s greatest marketer by American Way Magazine. He has written 10

bestselling books about marketing, including Purple Cow and his latest, Tribes.


He’s an in-demand writer, lecturer and pundit. And because of his blog, named No. 1 business blog by AdAge Magazine, he’s my daily dose of inspiration. Godin updates his blog every day with marketing food for thought. I subscribed to it several months ago – a free service – so I wouldn’t miss anything. Since then, I’ve had some “a-ha” moments and some “why didn’t I think of that?” ones thanks to Godin.


I don’t always agree with his viewpoints, but all his blog entries make me think a bit about our marketing strategy, our offerings, our position, our brand. See for yourself at