How often do you visit the supermarket? The average shopper visits their local grocer 1.6 times every week, according to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). Of course, we’re talking in-person visits. But now there’s another interesting trend to consider: younger consumers (the digital natives) are starting to shop for their groceries online.

Twenty-eight percent of millennials occasionally bought groceries online in 2016 (FMI again). That percentage is only going to increase year over year for the near future. They are trading a chance to squeeze the cantaloupes for a means of squeezing a little more time into their busy day.

Savvy grocers are adjusting their advertising to this new shift in shopping habits. There are opportunities to target shoppers by age group, geography and household income with products that appeal to each respective demographic.

Money-saving coupons are getting plenty of traction as thrifty consumers look for ways to save. Online coupons that you can use with your mobile device are becoming increasingly popular among digital grocery shoppers.

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