There is probably no greater example of our democracy in action than our right to vote. If you are involved in political advertising, you know the importance of an informed voting public. And local newspapers are one of the most trusted sources for information on local issues and candidates.

The Daily Camera’s readers are active, thoughtful citizens who contribute to our community. They have a strong interest in our government on a local, regional and national level.

The Camera is your one-stop marketing headquarters to help you reach your constituency in print, mail and online. We offer full-service, traditional direct mail; behavioral and geo-targeted digital advertising and opt-in e-mail marketing.

In addition, we are publishing the 2017 Voter Guide on Sunday, Oct. 15 in the Longmont Times-
Call and Broomfield Enterprise. This is coordinated timing with the mailing of ballots that go out on Monday, Oct. 16.
• 86% of voters in the last local election received their news from local media print editions and digital news sites.
• Over 80 percent of voters are regular newspaper readers in print and online.

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