When was the last time you ate at a restaurant? Chances are, it was very recently.
The National Restaurant Association reports we are now spending more on dining out than buying groceries. Daily sales reportedly reached $1.9 billion last year.
Most of us have a favorite restaurant. But as the frequency of dining out increases, we develop a taste for a wider menu to meet our culinary whims.
Over forty percent of diners go online to research a new restaurant, view menus or make a reservation. Twenty-three percent say they order takeout on their mobile device. Eight-in-ten include a type of cuisine in their search.
Targeted print ads play their part, too. People look to publications like our Friday Magazine when they are making their weekend plans. These plans often include at least one out-of-home dining visit.
Restaurant owners, we can help you connect with hungry customers online and in print. We’ll help you reach frequent diners who match your brand profile, wherever they are engaged.
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