The industry standard click-through rate (CTR) for online advertising – the number of people who click on an ad divided by the number who view it –  is .1 to .2 percent. Recent campaigns run on have been surpassing that number as well as client expectations.

An online ad for Boulder Housing Partners logged a whopping .40 percent CTR during a three-day campaign. And Millennium Harvest House’s big box ad pushing its entertainment series nabbed a .65 percent CTR.

In a world of questionable online sources, we are a known and trusted commodity. and its family of websites generate 6.1 million page views from 1.3 million unique visitors every month. Plus, more than six-of-10 users are local consumers – people who routinely drive past your store and make recommendations to their neighbors. To find out more about online advertising, call 303.473.1400 today.