DailyCamera.com and its family of websites attract 3.7 million page views and 796,800 unique visitors every month, of whom nearly 71 percent are from the state and more than half are from the Boulder/Broomfield area. Of those who don’t live right around the corner, the majority hail from the same states/regions where CU students, newcomers and out-of-town visitors come from – throughout Colorado, California, Texas and Washington.

It is this connection to the people in our community that makes DailyCamera.com such a great venue for online advertising. Our users routinely drive past your store and make recommendations to their neighbors. They’re looking for places to go and things to do while visiting and researching our area before relocating here. They are present in the community, both virtually and physically. These are the active shoppers you want to reach.
So when you advertise with us, you don’t end up with a random sampling of humanity, you reach your target – townies, newcomers, students and tourists alike. We deliver an engaged audience that is growing across multiple platforms.

Contact online specialist Allison Barrett at 303.473.1272 for more information about our special deals on run-of-site advertising on DailyCamera.com and its family of websites.