The Camera delivers content across multiple platforms: in print, on desktops, and on mobile devices. This cross-platform exposure boosts our advertisers’ targeted reach, frequency and brand awareness.

The numbers tell the story: News media company Aften-posten has reported that advertising run in print and online together resulted in a 35 percent better ad recall, 51 percent higher ad engagement and 85 percent higher intention to take action than ads run in print alone.

Adding digital to your current print buy not only builds your exposure and frequency, it allows you to connect with your audience where they are, when they are ready. The International News Media Association reports that readers engage with newspaper brands six times a day – using multiple devices. attracts more than a million unique visitors and more than 6 million page views every month. More than 991,000 pages of the Camera family’s breaking news and information are accessed every month via Droid, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and other mobile devices.

Our digital products include online, mobile, social, SEO and e-mail marketing, each one designed to go big with your target market.

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