Direct, opt-in emails are a super effective way for business owners to communicate with their established customers.
This isn’t the spammy kind of email. Your customers have intentionally chosen to provide you with their email address in order to receive news and special offers. In turn, you don’t send too many emails or share their information with third parties. That’s email, done right.
And speaking of email done right… do you know about the Camera’s responder email program? It’s an effective way to reach out to your targeted customer base and grow your traffic with promotions that really get noticed.
These emails are sent only to adult consumers who have consented to receive them for the information and offers they contain. You can select from over 275 lifestyle, psychographic and demographic filters to create a database that matches your business category and marketing strategy. Do you want to reach our newly engaged readers… or newly divorced? Working professionals… or new grandparents? You get the picture.
You’ll receive a campaign results report with email addresses of all individuals who opened your email. Want to learn more about responder emails? Call 303.473.1400. Let’s talk.