What if you had a proven way to reach the consumers who are most likely to respond to your unique offer? You know, the ones who are ready to purchase. For an advertiser, that sounds like a good investment.
And… what if you had six proven ways to reach out and connect with your customers? That’s what our digital team brings to the table every day, for every Camera advertiser.

It’s a powerful toolbox that includes:
• Local news advertising
• Programmatic audience targeting
• Search marketing
• Social media
• Email
• Content marketing

Let us put our expertise – and technology – to work for you. We will help you solve your complex marketing challenges with a custom, performance-driven set of solutions.
From Day One, your campaigns will be collecting actionable data about your marketing. You’ll learn what consumers are responding to, and where to spend your ad dollars for top ROI.
The first step? Call our online marketing team at 303.473.1400. We’d love to speak with you.