At Home Colorado presents engaging content about homes, from buying and selling to improvement, landscaping and design.
We now have an exclusive At Home financial sponsorship available to advertisers who want to get their marketing message front-and-center with new home buyers, consumers who are looking to make home improvements, and readers seeking up-to-date information about all aspects of home ownership and home related services.
At Home is featured online at (delivering about 8,000 page views a month) and has two print zones:
• The Boulder/Longmont zone publishes in the Friday Daily Camera and Saturday Times-Call, reaching 84,000 local adults every week.
• The Loveland zone publishes in the Saturday Reporter- Herald and in the Fort Collins zone of the Sunday Reporter-Herald (5,000 copies), delivering 43,400 weekly impressions. An additional 1,500 copies are distributed at real estate offices and high-traffic locations around the Loveland/Fort Collins marketplace.
Your three-month investment includes a weekly print and digital marketing feature, using your own content.
Call 303.473.1400 to speak to our advertising team and learn about the At Home financial sponsorship.