Thanks to the internet, small businesses can go toe-to-toe, click-to-click against the big guys. But they have to show up when someone is looking for them online.
If you’re a retailer or service provider, it’s more important than ever that you have a mobile friendly web site. Why the big deal? Because search engines penalize sites that aren’t made for mobile visitors. And when mobile users connect with you, they are already more likely to visit your business, and more likely to take advantage of a special offer.
A recent survey of independent optometrists indicated that desktop and digital tablet users were 34 percent more likely than average to visit their office within a day of their local online search. But mobile device users were fully 50 percent more likely to visit. The study concluded that for local, independent optometrists to compete with national optometric chains, they needed a digital-first strategy.
Our online marketing experts can quickly create a mobile-friendly, search engine approved landing page or web site that will give your customers 20/20 vision when they are searching for your business.
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