Online advertising delivers quantifiable results as well as quality interaction at a very attractive rate, and right now the rates are more attractive than ever. We’re offering run-of-site advertising,, and for only $15 per thousand – a 40 percent savings.

If you’ve wanted to test the impact of online advertising, now is the time. Our market is wired to spend. A whopping 93 percent of Boulder/Broomfield adults access the Internet monthly, and 74 percent of local online consumers have shopped or made a purchase online in the past 30 days. Ours are the No. 1 sites for local news and advertising information, with more than 212,600 registered users, as well as 3million page views and 550,000 unique visitors every month, half of whom are locals.

In addition to unbeatable local reach, we’ll provide complete reports on your ad’s performance and work with you to tweak content and design to ensure favorable impressions and click thrus. It’s all part of our online service, and it’s all 40 percent off right now. We have a limited inventory and will pull the plug on this offer once we fill our sites.

Contact online specialist Allison Barrett today at 303.473.1272 or to reserve your space.