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Now, BoCoDeals advertisers can take their advertising “platinum” with two new offers.
BoCoCoupons: For less than $300, we email your coupon to more than 20,000 of our opt-in shoppers. Shoppers just print and redeem your coupon, paying you directly when they redeem it.
Your deal will receive two full weeks of online promotion.
•    Shoppers who share these deals with their friends can earn extra discounts. You receive added impressions!
BoCoBoost: Reach 20,000 of our opt-in subscribers AND
get your ad in Friday Magazine, the market’s premier entertainment guide.
You provide us $1,000 in gift certificates; we give you $1,000 in print advertising credit for the Daily Camera or the Colorado Daily. Then, we sell your gift certificates online at 40% off the value.
We’re still offering incredible deals seven days a week at BoCoDeals.com. And now, you have two new ways to add extra zing to your promotions. Deal on! Contact Kelly Hendershot at kelly@bocodeals.com or 303.473.1415 for partnership details.