According to a recent Grail Research study, 93 percent of U.S.  consumers feel that a company being green is important to their purchasing decisions. However, most are either not aware or can’t remember the green initiatives of companies that are leading the green revolution. How effectively you tell your green story matters in our eco-minded market.

Make your best environmental impression with BigGreenBoulder, the only news source that publishes all of Boulder County’s exciting, up- to-the-minute environmental news, from building the world’s first smart grid in Boulder to the impact of dumping millions of farmed trout into rivers and lakes across the country. has 1,219 Twitter followers, 616 Facebook fans and links from Grist, Planet Green, MotherNatureNet and Huffington Post Green sites. The site and its companion BigGreenBoulder page inside Wednesday’s Camera are ideal settings for your green story. Call 303.473.1400 to put your message in front of thousands of active community members/consumers.