Smartphone users are expected to exceed 200 million users this year. We depend on our smartphones in so many ways throughout a typical day. Google has identified four new “moments” that marketers can use to capitalize on consumer interest. These four moments are:

I Want to Know: 66 percent of smartphone users use their phones to look up something they saw in a TV ad.

I Want to Go: 82 percent use their phones to look up local business. There’s been a big jump in searches that include the words “near me.”

I Want to Do: More than 90 percent turn to their phones during an activity for ideas or information.

I Want to Buy: More than 80 percent of smartphone users consult their phones from inside a store while making their purchase decisions.

If you’re a retailer or service provider, it’s more important than ever that you have a mobile friendly web site that engages your customers before they come through your front door. When they come looking, you have to be there. Our online marketing experts can help you build your online presence and bring customers to your web pages. Call 303.473.1400 to get started.