When people think about newspapers, they usually imagine the paper-and-ink variety. It’s certainly a large part of our business, and I admit I’m rather attached to the physical weight of a paper in my hands. However, I also appreciate the immediacy of online papers.

I’m not alone: 73 million unique users visited newspaper websites in July more than one-third of all Internet users nationally.

So when you advertise with us, you’re getting more than our thousands of loyal subscribers, more than the slew of folks who walk by a rack and can’t resist one of our headlines. You’re also getting thousands of wired consumers.

A whopping 93 percent of Boulder/Broomfield adults access the Internet monthly, and our sites have more than 212,600 registered users, as well as 3 million page views and 550,000 unique visitors every month, half of whom are locals. We deliver an engaged audience that is growing across multiple platforms.

If you’ve wanted to test the impact of online advertising, now is the time. We’re offering run-of-site advertising at DailyCamera.com, BroomfieldEnterprise.com, ColoradoDaily.com and BuffZone.com for only $15 per thousand a 40 percent savings.

Contact online specialist Allison Barrett today to reserve your space: 303.473.1272.