… The Daily Camera has moved into the top three of top referrers to our website during that period, behind only colorado.edu and facebook.com.

Placing ads is effortless and the staff assigned to handle our ads are thoughtful, fast and proactive. We will continue to advertise on DailyCamera.com and expect that our results will continue to improve in the next year as we continue to work with the online advertising department to hone our messages and skills.”

– Ted Rockwell, Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, CU-Boulder



I’m going to get right to the point today: Online advertising works. It delivers quantifiable results as well as quality interaction at a very attractive rate.


Just look at the numbers:    


Wired to spend. A whopping 93 percent of Boulder/Broomfield adults – 172,800 consumers – access the Internet monthly; 154,900 of us surf the Web every day.


Of local online consumers, 74 percent have shopped or made a purchase online in the past 30 days.


Hooked on the Camera family of sites. DailyCamera.com, BroomfieldEnterprise.com, ColoradoDaily.com and Buffzone.com have more than 212,600 registered users and attract more than 3 million page views and 550,000 unique visitors every month, half of whom are locals.


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