Small businesses often manage their own advertising because they think they can’t afford to work professional ad planners. I’m happy to report, that’s just not the case anymore.
The Camera’s advertising and marketing teams are made up of knowledgeable, certified professionals who are familiar with creating effective ad campaigns for print and online.
Our staff works with small business owners each day to find an affordable, effective mix of media that brings home results.
Matt Flood and Tanner Lauringson, our Directors of Digital Solutions, have more than 25
years of combined experience in digital marketing. They are Google certified, smart consultants who are dedicated to your success. We hear tremendous kudos from our advertisers about working with Matt and Tanner.
If you need to grow your small business, it’s time to take a big step. Parter with the Camera and its alliances with Google and Adtaxi for a robust ad presence.
Talk to Matt Flood or Tanner Lauringson to learn about our digital solutions for small business owners. Call 303.473.1400.