I was trying to think of a business that could not benefit from having a strong online advertising presence. Nope… can’t do it. The truth is, online advertising can help any business grow. That’s why we are inviting Daily Camera and Times-Call advertisers and local businesses to join us for Partners Connect, a free event we are co-hosting with Google, focused on how digital marketing can help your enterprise thrive on the web.

During this event, we’ll discuss the importance of digital marketing for B2B industries, and share current trends, research and insights that can help you reach your audience in all their moments of need and product discovery.

Google will help you find your inspiration online, with experts to help you take advantage of the online tools that can level the playing field for each and every business. These powerful voices can help you develop clear goals and make the most of your online advertising budget.

Come learn more about marketing with Prairie Mountain Media and Google. The event takes place Wednesday, Sept. 20 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the offices of the Daily Camera, 2500 55th Street in Boulder. Pre-registrations are requested at bit.ly/B2BDCTC.