The BolderBoulder is just 87 days away. An estimated 1.3 million BolderBoulder participants have run through our streets since the first event in 1979. It’s “the biggest and best Memorial Day celebration on earth,” truly a spectacle that defies description.

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of this amazing event with a captivating book that covers the founders, the memories, the record-breaking finishes, the posters, the t-shirts, the celebrities, the spectators and much more.

This beautifully bound, 160-page book by the Camera’s sports department and BolderBoulder team is now available for pre-order at just $24.95 plus $2.21 sales tax, per book, when you order before April 27. That’s $15 off the cover price of $39.95. You can save an additional $6.95 shipping and handling charge if you pick up your book at the Daily Camera office, 2500 55th St., Suite 110.

This is a great read for fans and a welcome gift for runners and local sports fans. You can reserve your copies now at Shipping begins April 27.