Parents of school-age children have important decisions to make regarding their choice of schools for their students.

We’re here to help, with our Raised in the Rockies School Choice edition, packed with valuable information to help parents make open enrollment decisions and prepare for back to school. 

Open enrollment allows parents to select from more than 100 schools, and parents are looking for credible resources to help them make the right decisions.

Raised in the Rockies helps busy parents navigate important decisions with trusted content. It is mailed the week of Nov. 1 to 25,000 households with children in Boulder and Broomfield counties as well as Dacono, Firestone, Frederick and Mead. 

In addition, the e-magazine is marketed to 27,000 local parents on Facebook and social networks. This distribution allows you to reach parents for less than 9 cents a household!   

If your business serves families with students (think clothing, sporting goods, backpacks, school supplies… and so much more), call our friendly advertising consultants at 303.473.1400 to  reserve your advertising in Raised in the Rockies School Choice.