The newspaper industry recently celebrated the National Newspaper Week, a time to recognize the service newspapers play in informing the public on local, national and international news.

Each day, readers turn to newspapers for up-to-date news, entertainment, opinion and advertising. It has been estimated that Americans are absorbing five times more information each day then we did just a couple of decades ago.

Printed newspapers are still delivered each day to thousands upon thousands of readers. But now there are so many ways to get our daily news: online, through social media, emails, or even on our phones.

The fact is, today’s “newspapers” as a source of information are well represented in each of these media channels. Newspaper organizations across the country—and right here in Boulder County—will continue their legacy of being the leading sources for news, information and local advertising. It’s a worthy tradition, and we at the Daily Camera and our sister publications are proud to play a part.