Given the state of the economy, this is hardly shocking news. What surprises me is how many businesses aren’t recognizing and utilizing the power of coupons. In the average month, 92,400 Boulder/Broomfield adults will read/use a coupon received in either the mail or newspaper.

       This is a sizeable chunk of humanity, all of whom are looking for one thing: value. And that’s what a good coupon program does: create value, as well as boost market share through top-of- mind awareness.

       Convinced yet? Good. Now put your plan into action with our Green Light coupon book. Distributed monthly inside the Camera and Enterprise and published online at all our websites, Green Light provides guaranteed delivery to nearly every home in the market for less than a penny a household. Reward valued customers, entice new clients, give them all the Green Light.

       July’s Green Light coupon book deadlines next Thursday, June 4. Call Drew Brightbill at 303.473.1460 for more information.