Nationally, the demand for landscaping materials is forecast to increase 6.1 percent annually, reaching $7.5 billion in 2013, according to a recent study by the Freedonia Group.

A renewed interest in food gardening will fuel demand for greenhouses, while outdoor structures such as gazebos and pergolas will also benefit from increased interest in backyard living. The study also found that residential settings will remain the largest market for landscaping product sales.

It’s a little early for planting here in Colorado, but we’re gearing up for a productive, rewarding season. Our market is home to thousands of garden enthusiasts, from do-it-yourselfers to those whose thumbs aren’t quite as green. Of Boulder Valley adults:

 • 90,300 are lawn and garden supply shoppers. One ad in the Camera reaches 65 percent of these consumers.

• 36,500 use landscaping services. You’ll reach 68 percent with one ad in the Camera.

• 106,500 are homeowners. One Camera ad reaches 66 percent of these residents.

• 123,900 shop hardware and home improvement stores. You’ll reach 61 percent with one Camera ad.

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Sources: National Gardening Association; Freedonia Group, 2009; Wilkins Research, 2008.