Digital natives that they are, it’s no surprise that Millennials get most of their news online from blogs, social media and other online sources. But do they have confidence in what they are reading?
In a survey conducted by Elite Daily with the help from a research group at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, Millenials report that they don’t feel very well-informed on current issues when they rely solely on online sources. But those who consume their news via print newspapers and traditional media sites say they feel the most informed.
Acording to Elite Daily and Millennial Research Core, 66.7 percent of responding adults ages 18 to 24 feel the most informed from using print newspapers as their primary news source. Just over 56 percent of those adults say the feel most informed when using a traditional news media website as their primary source. Slightly less than 40 percent say they feel the most informed using online-only news sites for their information.
So what’s the difference? Traditional media sites bring established journalistic standards to their reporting, and provide more detailed local news coverage not found at news aggregator sites.
Trusted… local… newspapers!