Community newspapers are the preferred source for local news, according to the 2013 Community Newspaper Readership Study conducted for the National Newspaper Association. Seven-of-10 respondents read a community paper at least once a week, 80 percent said their families looked forward to reading the newspaper and more than half had either clipped a story from the print newspaper or provided a link from the newspaper’s website in the past year.

The way we communicate with our audience is evolving, to be sure. But the reason our audience stays with us and grows each year is the same as it’s ever been: We deliver our community’s news better than any other source. Newspaper websites remained the leading provider of local online news in this year’s NNA survey, followed distantly by local TV station sites and then by national aggregators such as Google.

The Camera is Boulder County’s No. 1 source for local news and information – in print, online, via mobile devices and social media. No other local advertising vehicle offers the reach, results, expertise and options we do. We deliver the strongest brand equity, the best-known sales channels for local business, the strongest and longest relationships with advertisers,  the most established track record of proven ad performance, the leading source of news and the largest verified audience.

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