You don’t have to be in the market for a new house to take part in the Flatirons Tour of Homes. I read the section and visit the showcase homes to get inspired and find the local businesses who can help me turn my newly imagined dreams into reality. So do the thousands of other active, affluent consumers who flock to the Tour every year.
Our Tour of Homes section is a great fit for builders, but it’s an equally fantastic product for retailers (furniture, windows, fabrics, lighting, nurseries) as well as service providers (security systems, insurance providers, financial planners, housekeeping services, landscapers, painters).
The numbers are compelling: 123,900 Boulder Valley adults shop hardware and home improvement stores. 90,300 are lawn and garden supply shoppers. 39,700 use home remodeling and repair services. And 36,500 use landscaping services.
Put your message in front of your best audience with the Tour of Homes magazine. Call 303.473.1400 before August 21.