Let’s be honest; I have a personal stake in this topic. However, I would argue that all of us subscribers and non-subscribers, advertisers and non-advertisers alike have a stake in the health of our local paper. So we can all celebrate this bit of information: Newspapers have a bright future.

According to a recent national survey, 82 percent of adults have been spurred to action as a result of newspaper advertising in the past month, including clipping a coupon (61%), buying something (50%), visiting websites to learn more (33%) and trying something for the first time (27%). Newspapers were also far and away the first source cited as the primary medium for checking advertising, at 41 percent. The Internet was the closest competitor at 21 percent, followed by direct mail (14%), television (8%), catalogs (6%), magazines (3%) and radio (2%).

Here’s the scoop: Newspapers have the strongest brand equity, the best-known sales channel for local business, the strongest and longest relationships with advertisers, the most established track record of proven ad performance, the leading source of news and the largest audit verified audience. We always have, and we intend to keep it that way.

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