Holiday retailers and advertisers are looking for the best way to reach consumers. There are more ways than ever to try to get buyers’ attention, but one of the most effective means is still print and digital advertising.

A recent survey conducted by the Newspaper Association of America shows that 79 percent of adults took action in the past month as a result of seeing a newspaper advertisement. For consumers who use coupons, seven in 10 (69%) cited the Sunday or weekday editions as coupon sources.

I’m not really surprised at these statistics. Empirical research (and good old word of mouth) agree: newspapers get consumers’ attention and influence their buying decisions.

Despite a weak retail start to 2014, the National Retail Federation has projected sales in November and December to increase by 4.1 percent. If the forecast proves accurate, it will be the first time in three years that holiday sales will top the four percent mark. There’s optimism in the air that shoppers are ready to spend again.

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Sources: “How America Shops and Spends 2014,” National Newspaper Association