I love my house. LOVE it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a look around every once in a while. Monogamy doesn’t apply to real estate, as far as I’m concerned, and there are some fantastic homes ripe for the viewing every weekend.

       The Open Homes feature at CameraHomes.com is my personal tour guide. It has everything I need to satisfy my curiosity: comprehensive listings and pictures, open house dates and times, and door-to-door maps and driving directions.

       CameraHomes.com is also a great selling tool. Our products reach 82 percent of Boulder-Broomfield adults planning to buy real estate in the next year: 79% are ages 25-54, 57% are men, 44% are renters and 46% have lived in the area 5 years or less. It’s a solid group of prospects.

       I’m not in the market myself, but if the right piece of property came along, who knows? I could be one open house away from my new dream home.