Our products deliver more bounce to the ounce than any others in the market: more reach for a better rate. And the rates are even hotter right now, because we’re offering summer sizzler specials to advertisers who capitalize on the one-two punch of the Camera and Colorado Daily.


          Here’s the deal. The Camera is our market’s No. 1 source for news and advertising, read by 113,400 consumers weekly. The Colorado Daily has the corner on the student market in addition to thousands of young professionals, delivering 48,900 big spenders weekly. Combined, the Camera and Colorado Daily reach eight-of-10 Boulder Valley adults every single week.


Our competitors? Not so much. The Onion will get you 8,800 exclusive readers, 6 percent of the market. BoulderWeekly and Yellow Scene each deliver less than 3,400 exclusively, or 2 percent. Your marketing efforts deserve better.


Call 303.473.1400 to take advantage of summer sizzler rates with the market leaders.